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Thanksgiving 2020 Pre-Order Information


Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th~

In order to accommodate the influx of pie orders this Thanksgiving season, we wanted to create a system that would not only ensure accuracy and efficiency but more importantly, a safe environment for our customers and staff members. 

Instead of our usual “wait in line outside” routine, we are going to implement a curbside pickup system: 

A PIE DRIVE-THRU at our new location
Address: 8969 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Ste 209
Tucson, AZ 85749

This will be the ONLY location we will be offering pies during the week of Thanksgiving. 

Below are some frequently asked questions surrounding Thanksgiving at Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe.

1. How Are You Going to Safely Serve Guests During Thanksgiving Week?
This year, we want to avoid creating a scenario in which guests will have to wait in line for their pies at a safe 6 feet apart due to social distancing. Our Pie Drive Thru will eliminate close contact with others and keep you and our staff safe.

2. What Will the Pie Drive Thru Look Like? 
The Pie Drive-Thru will be conducted in the back of our pie shoppe. We will have a canopy tent set up where guests may pull up in their vehicles and give us their name and confirmation numbers for their orders.

3. What Are The Shoppe Hours During The Week of Thanksgiving?
Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe will NOT be open to the public during the week of Thanksgiving.  All pies will be baked and served via the PIE DRIVE-THRU at our pie Shoppe (8969 E. Tanque Verde Rd, Ste 209).

Sunday, November 22nd: CLOSED FOR BAKING
Monday, November 23rd: CLOSED FOR BAKING
Tuesday, November 24th: PIE DRIVE-THRU ONLY (10 am-6 pm), closed to the public
Wednesday, November 25th: PIE DRIVE-THRU ONLY (10 am-6 pm), closed to the public
Thursday, November 26th: HAPPY THANKSGIVING
Friday, November 27th- Monday, November 30th: CLOSED
Tuesday, December 1st: OPEN for business

4. Other Than the Pie Drive-Thru, Will Anything Else Be Different This Year for Thanksgiving?
Yes- We will not be able to offer Walk-in Pies for Thanksgiving.  Due to the nature of DRIVE-THRU, we will only be serving guests who have PRE-ORDERED.
Pre-orders are REQUIRED.

5. What Flavors Are Available for Thanksgiving? 
All flavors will be available for purchase other than our seasonal pies, Rhubarb and Peach.

6. When Do I Order My Thanksgiving Pies? 
We will start taking orders for Thanksgiving Pies on Tuesday, Oct 20th at 12 pm.  You may order online, over the phone, or in person. All pies must be paid for at the time of ordering.  Orders will CLOSE on Tuesday, November 17th at 9 pm.  Any order that is received after 9 pm will not be accepted. You will receive a refund.

Online: You can visit our website
Select your flavors, number of pies, and then select your pickup date and time. You will receive an email with your order confirmation receipt.

Over the Phone: Select your flavors, number of pies, and then select your pickup date and time. A staff member will take your payment over the phone and text or email your receipt.

In-Person: Select your flavors, number of pies, and then select your pickup date and time.  You will pay in person to confirm your order and will receive a receipt of your choosing, via text or email.

Due to the high volume of orders we receive, we ask that when your order your pie(s), you choose your pick-up date and time carefully. Once Thanksgiving Week Pie Orders close, this information cannot be altered, edited, refunded, canceled, or replaced. No exceptions.

7. Will Slices of Pie, Half Pies, or Extra 5″ Pies Be Available For Purchase Thanksgiving week? 
No, Slices of Pie, Half Pies, and 5″ pies will not be available for purchase until after the holiday.

Thank you for choosing Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe to serve your family this holiday season.  


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